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Issues Abroad

» How to deal with an arrest or detention abroad

» Buying Italian real estate: avoiding the pitfalls

Accident and Injury

» No Win, No Fee

» Contact the right people

» All about Legal Aid

» Why use a solicitor rather than claims management companies?

Your Business

» Statutory Paternity Rights

» Holiday Pay and Sickness

» Run a Successful Business

Consumer Rights

» What are my rights when buying goods in the UK?

» What is misrepresentation?

» Buyer beware explained

» Buying on credit

» Unenforceable agreements

Council Services

» School admission appeals


» Do I need representation for a criminal offence?

» What to look for when choosing a criminal lawyer

» Road Traffic Offences How can a solicitor help me?

» What is an interview under caution?

Family Matters

» Statutory Paternity Rights

» School admission appeals

» The law regarding private fostering

» All about civil partnerships

» Cohabitation and finances

» Prenups all you need to know


» All about Legal Aid

» A to Z of legal terms

» The British legal system

» Paying for legal services what to expect

» Using a solicitor advice for the first meeting

» Why we all need solicitors at some point

Property Matters

» How can a solicitor help me with a house repossession?

» Avoid problems with your builders write a contract!

» Why do I need a solicitor to buy and sell a house?

» Tenancy Deposit Protection Schemes how they work and what your rights are

Immigration and Human Rights

» All about Legal Aid

» How to get good asylum advice

Your Job

» Statutory Paternity Rights

» Holiday Pay and Sickness

» Becoming self-employed

» How to recognise discrimination in the workplace

» Employment rights and the credit crunch

» Contract of employment why is it important?

Money and Finance

» Pensions law

» Inheritance tax a concern of the super-rich?

» How do I challenge a decision of HM Revenue and Customs?

Wills and Estates

» Inheritance Tax Planning

» Wills Why you need one and how a solicitor can help

» Why wills are important for cohabiting couples